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Wild Training

Maximise Power, Endurance and control across the full range of natural movement


Exercise to love and enjoy your body with Wild Training.

What we do is awesome, but the fact our training can be shared with you, regardless of your fitness level or where you are in the world, is what makes our service unique.
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What is Wild Training

In a line, Wild Training helps people maximise power, endurance and control across the full range of natural movement.

Take a look inside the Wild Training Gym with James and the team.

In reality that is covered through:

Strength training - Functional movement, Free weights, Olympic lifting, and Strongman  

Body weight fitness - Aerial Silks, Pole, Olympic rings, Bar Calisthenics, Capoeria, Yoga

Lifestyle sport - Play, Run, Climb, Ride, Water, Fight, Dance  

Food - Nutrition coaching and supplement advice

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A 10 year story of passion

Read about how the Wild Training brand started, and the drive behind our training.

"From a hobby to a job. A passion to a career. What Wild Training is now, is not what I planned for it to be, but honestly, it’s a lot better." James Griffiths, Founder Wild Training will help you transform your lifestyle, not just your body. That's why it's so effective. The training is just physical, but the Wild Training approach makes it a mental and emotional transformation too. Love exercise. Love your body. Live a life without limits.
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